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We have been living in a digitized world for a couple of decades now. Almost every form of data in our life is stored digitally, be it, for example, money or the photos we take. There is a growing numbers of restaurants which accept card payments only, we obviously no longer print photographs and don‘t turn them into albums anymore. However easy digital data has made for us to share folders and pictures with others, most of us still feel insecure of what would happen if we were to lose our data due to computer viruses or bugs that have entered the operating system. When your cloud storage is full and starts costing a bit too much, that‘s when you should be introduced to InfinitiKloud.


InfinitiKloud is a data storing device that helps you look after your important data in the safest manner possible. It is a USB backup stick that stores pictures, videos and other important files from a variety of sources. What makes it truly unique is that it stores files that you have selected and not all files at once. With InfinitiKloud you can even view the statistics of the data in it and pick the ones you want to keep storing and the ones you no longer require. Whether it is your personal data or professional, with InfinitiKloud you‘ ll be able to store everything in order. Besides, it can store up to 64 GB of information and even better – it has a built-in backup software, which most drives don’t have.


It functions just like other drives you probably are already familiar with. To get it going you simply need to plug the drive into the USB slot, click on the drive icon that appeared on your screen and once you do this, InfinitiKloud will guide you through the steps to set up your drive to do automatic backups of your computer. You‘ll set a backup schedule and will select which files you want to back up. Once you have this set, all you have to do is to make sure the USB drive is plugged in at the backup time! The device will follow the backup schedule you set.


  • Provides detailed description of every single file and its statistics
  • Backs up files with more than one version
  • Helps to delete files that have been backed up, but you no longer want to store them
  • Helps you browse through the files you backed up
  • Operates in an ultra-high speed
  • Supports a number of languages: English, German, French to name a few
  • Helps you restore the files you have backed up on your USB back to your computer


Do you even have to ask? Tried and tested by our team and our customers, this data storing device satisfies anyone from young to old! It’s stylish, easy to use, affordable, and a great competitor with the other drives out there!

If you’re looking for a data storing device that will help you store your data safely and efficiently and be easy to use, then look no further! InfinitiKloud will offer that and more! Try the brilliant USB backup stick yourself!


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